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Eric Edwards, Data & Assessment Coordinator
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A New Approach
Ravenswood City School District students are on the path!  The State of California worked with other states, educators, business leaders, and colleges to define the skills needed for students to graduate college and be career-ready.  Along with other states, we have shifted our focus to teaching these higher thinking skills, and regularly check progress to ensure our students are moving toward their learning goals. Now, with the new assessments that measure growth over time, we will have the information we need to adjust teaching and improve learning, increasing each student’s opportunity to succeed.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is an interactive, challenging and uniquely accessible  test with questions that require higher level thinking skills, look like real life problems, and are similar to expected classroom work.  CAASPP provides information that informs action in the classroom.

Achievement Levels
Level 4 - Standard Exceeded
Level 3 - Standard Met
Level 2 - Standard Nearly Net
Level 1 - Standard Not Met