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Developer Fees

The District is allowed to charge developer fees to support construction costs from new students. From time to time the District updates these fees.
On January 24, 2024, the State Allocation Board approved an increase to Level 1 developer fees for school districts. The fee increased to $5.17 per square foot for residential properties and to $0.84 per square foot for commercial properties.  The government code states that before fees can be levied, a justification study needs to be conducted to determine the need for the fee.

King Consulting has completed the justification study. The completed study shows justification for our District to increase our Level 1 developer fees to the amounts stated above.  The District splits its collected developer fees with the Sequoia Union High School District, with RCSD retaining 60% of the collected fee.  There is a resolution before the Board that will enforce the new charges per square foot of its 60% share of the statutory Level I Developer Fees, currently $3.10 per square foot for residential construction and $0.50 per square foot for commercial/industrial construction, except for mini-storage which should be charged at $0.04 per square foot. After the resolution is signed by the Board, there will be a 60-day waiting period before the District can start charging these fees.
Below please see the proposal for the Developer Fee Plan.