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CCRMS Redesign

New View of the Cesar Chavez Ravenswood Middle School Parking Lot

CCRMS Proposed Construction Plan

CCRMS Proposed Construction Plan

Ravenswood City School District (RCSD) is embarking on a $50,000,000 renovation of Cesar Chavez Ravenswood Middle School (CCRMS). This project was initiated by the Board’s Facilities Committee in 2015, and made possible by the successful passage of Measure S in 2018, this project - the single largest new capital project in Ravenswood’s history -- calls for two new buildings at the front of the CCRMS campus. The larger two-story building will include seven classrooms and a state of the art media center that looks out onto two courtyards. The second, one-story building will create a single-point of entry for the school. This building will feature four new classrooms, as well as a new cluster of student service offices for students to meet in small groups with various support staff from the district.
The plan also calls for renovating all remaining structural classrooms. As Trustee Ana Maria Pulido explained, “This design reflects Ravenswood’s commitment to putting instruction and students first, by making significant investments in creating as many state of the art learning spaces as possible.” Renovated classrooms will receive a variety of improvements including new heating and cooling, finishes, cabinetry, and classroom technology, among others. 
On this website, you can learn more about the proposed plan, the timeline, and the next phases. 

Ariel View of Proposed Rennovations

On the left, orange represents rennovated classrooms, blue represents new buildings, and red represents previously rennovated areas. On the right is the highlighted the new courtyards and quality outdoor space at the school.

Proposed Timeline

Proposed Timeline

  • Project launch (RFP's available here); Winter, 2021
  • Demolition of building C; Winter, 2021
  • Contract proposals due and reviewed; January, 2021
  • Construction begins; February, 2022
  • Buildings D and E (70s and 80s wings) completed; Winter of 2022
  • New buildings complete; Winter of 2023
  • Building B (20s wing) complete; Winter of 2023
Relevant Documents and Notices

Relevant Documents and Notices

Ongoing Construction Photos

Ongoing Construction Photos

Arial view of new two-story building and accompanying courtyard - Credit to Thompson Builders

Arial view of new single story building - Credit to Thompson Builders

New roof work - Credit to Thompson Builders

Demolition in action - Credit to Thompson Builders

Arial view of the new single story building - Credit to Thompson Builders

Arial view of the base pad for the two new buildings - Credit to Thompson Builders

Clearance of the demolition - Credit to Thompson Builders