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Bond Funded Projects

Bond Projects

Bond Projects

Over the last few years we have embarked on a large number of projects across our schools. Many of these projects were designed to address failing infrastructure, such as our major investment in improving roofs across the districts, replacing our aging furniture, or modernizing our keys and locks. We have also worked to improve many of our outdoor areas including 
Not shown below is our $50m project to modernize all classrooms at CCRMS - that investment represents over half of the total bond funds across Measure H and S. You can learn more about that project here.
Investments made possible through Measure S & H

Investments made possible through Measure S & H

Rendering of the new courtyard and building at CCRMS

New modernized classrooms at CCRMS with new windows, AV system, furniture, and HVAC

Example roofing project - all schools received new roofs to keep rooms dry

Renovated play area and two new modular classrooms at Los Robles Ronald McNair

New large play area at Costano

New play structures at Belle Haven