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Education Services

The Student Services Department works with families in a variety of ways. Please click on the topic below to get more information for the areas that are supported by our department
Education Services Team

Education Services Team

Jennifer Gravem
Executive Director, Education Services
(650)329-2800 ext.60145
Claudia Conti
Assistant Director, Special Education
(650)329-2800 ext.60305
Yesenia Murillo
Administrative Secretary
(650)329-2800 ext.60143
Aida Campara
PBIS Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60170
Emma Miranda
SEIS Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60151
Fax: (650)327-8397 
Anisha Agrawal
Program Specialist
(650)329-2800 ext. 60309
Christine Batten
Program Specialist
(650)329-2800 ext.60306
Julie Guaspari
Program Specialist
(650)329-2800 ext.60304
Manuel Villegas
District Nurse
(650)329-2800 ext.60130
Maria Reyes
Health Aide
Greta Wagner
Mental Health Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60311