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The Ravenswood City School District knows the importance of attendance four our students. Students with better attendance are more likely to be successful academically and socially. Additionally, we want to partner with families to ensure student attendance. If your student is struggling with attendance, please contact your site administrator so that we can help minimize any barriers.
Do I need to let the school know if my child has been away?
Yes– Parents must let the school know the reason for the absence, if not beforehand, then within two days of their child’s return to school.
Can I take my child out of school for family or social occasions?
No– You should arrange leisure activities, visits to family and friends and shopping trips outside of school hours.

Does the occasional day away from school really affect my child’s education?
Yes– Research shows that higher student attendance is associated, on average, with higher student achievement.

What should I do if my child refuses to go to school?
Contact the school as soon as possible for advice and support.


"The California Legislature defined a truant in very precise language. In summary, it states that a student missing more than 30 minutes of instruction without an excuse three times during the school year must be classified as a truant and reported to the proper school authority" (
Education Code Section #48200 states that you are obligated to send your children, to school, on-time everyday. The law further requires that after a student has been reported as a truant three or more times in one school year and after an appropriate school employee has made a conscientious effort to hold at least one meeting with the parent and the student, the student is deemed a habitual truant. A child who is deemed habitually truant will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for appropriate action.  Following the requirements of the law, you must be advised of the consequences should this problem go uncorrected.
The final result may be a referral or complaint for legal action through the (CPS) Child Protective Services of the Social Services Department, the Probation Department, or the District Attorney’s Office.  Welfare or Probation referrals may result in Juvenile court action.  A parent who fails to meet their obligation may be guilty of an infraction and subject to prosecution.  Complaints filed with the District Attorney may go to court and result in fines and court ordered parent education programs.  If a parent is receiving government financial assistance, there could be sanctions against them and their financial aid could be decreased.
Chronic Absenteeism
Students are considered to be chronically absent if they are absent for 10% or more at any point of the school year. These absences include excused, unexcused, and suspensions. We want to minimize student absenteeism so that we are able to address academic and social needs of students.
Independent Study
If your child will be out of school for more than five days but no more than ten, you can request to be placed on an Independent Study Program. Under this program, your student will be given homework to make up for the work missed during the days of absence. Work packets must completed and turned in to teacher upon student's return.
Please notify the school office you are interested in this program at least two weeks before the desired start date. The school administrator must approve the request and the Independent Study Form must be filled out. Forms are available at each school site.