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Business Services Department

Welcome to Business Services

Welcome to Business Services

There are several departments in the school district dedicated to helping students succeed. The Business Services Department oversees the vital support systems of the schools: budget, accounting, finance, food services, transportation, maintenance, grounds, and facilities.
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Hay varios departamentos en el Distrito Escolar dedicados a ayudar a que los estudiantes tengan éxito académico. El Departamento de Servicios Fiscales, supervisan los sistemas de apoyo vitales de las escuelas: presupuesto, contabilidad, finanzas, servicios alimenticios, transporte, mantenimiento, terrenos e instalaciones.  


Our Business Services creates and manges the district's $40m budget. Learn more about this process and view our financial documents here.


Our MOT team is dedicated to providing a safe, high-quality learning environment for the students and staff in Ravenswood City School District. From maintaining safe and secure envrionments to getting students to school and home safely and on time, we strive to provide high levels of confidence. Learn more about our operations here.


Our Technology team provides access, service, support and professional development in educational media, telephony, and technology for the entire Ravenswood City School District community. Learn more here.


Ravenswood City School District owns a large amount of land across East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park, and are responsible for managing these properties. Learn more about the district's facilities planning process, our current bond measures, and ongoing facilities renovation and construction projects.
Business Services Team

Business Services Team

William Eger
Chief Business Official (CBO)
(650) 329-2800 ext. 60101
Reece Matsumoto
Director of Finance
(650) 329-2800 ext 60173
Margaret Thompson
(650) 329-2800 ext. 60192
Fax: (650) 322-9454
Quick Links

Quick Links

Click above to see menus and other information about our school meals program.
Request For Proposals (RFPs)
Click above to see all current and recent past RFPs
Click above to see our guide for purchasing guidelines.  
Other Forms
Click above to see a Google Folder with Contracts, Grant Applications, MOUs, and Purchasing
Employee Forms

Employee Forms

Click above to see the 2022-23 payroll submission deadlines for each paycheck. In general, paychecks are released on the last weekday of the month. 
Click on the link above to submit an invoice on InformedK12 for a vendor to be paid. Note that you can only do this once you have set up a requisition in Financial 2000. This is also only for internal staff use - not external vendors. 
Click the above link to submit a reimbursement for something you paid for out of pocket (ideally this would only be done in very rare circumstances.
Click the above link to submit a request for additional hourly time beyond your contractual obligations (all staff).

10/12 Month Pay Plan
Ravenswood employees should use this form to request/change 10/12 month pay plan.

Ravenswoood employee should submit this federal W-4 form to adjust their witholding allowance.
Ravenswoood employee should submit this California EDD form to adjust their witholding allowance.
This manual has the guidelines for purchasing and other district fiscal policies. This is a live Google Doc that will continue to update.