Ravenswood City School District

Proposed New Courtyard & Building at CCRMS, Made Possible by Measure H & S

Bond Overview

Bond Overview

In 2016 voters approved Measure H, a $26m bond that was intended to "maintain warm, safe, and dry schools; repair aging facilities; upgrade school safety; create student-centered 21st Century classrooms; improve technology, computer and science labs; increase energy efficiency; and repair, construct, acquire, and retrofit school facilities, sites, and equipment." The measure passed with 87% of the vote. As of the SY20-21 school year, the district had completed spending the Measure H bond.
Two years later, in 2018, voters approved Measure S which authorized $70,000,000 in new bond spending to continue this work. 
On this page you can learn more about the projects that these bonds have funded as well as financial details about the specific issuances.