Ravenswood City School District

Q: How do I register my child in the after school program?
A: Registration into our programs occurs in two ways: by teacher referral and on a first come,first served basis by grade level. Every school year each grade level reserves 5 spaces for student referred by their teachers. Teachers base their referrals on individual student’s need for additional academic support.  Ask for a registration packet at your child’s school.  Talk to the After School Site Coordinator to find out if there are any open spaces.  Because of our limited amount of spaces we have waitlists at each site.  

Registration for the incoming school year will begin mid-August.  Site specific information will be posted here early August.

Q: My child is on the waitlist for  school program, when will they get into the program?
A: Children from the waitlist are accepted into the after school program on a first come first served basis when a space in their grade level becomes available.

Q: Why isn’t my child completing their homework at the after school program?
A: We strongly believe that it is through a partnership between parents, teachers and after school staff that children learn best. Children will have an opportunity to work on teacher assigned homework during our after schoolprograms, but our after school programs are designed to offer students assistance with homework and do not guarantee that all homework willbe completed.  Please check your child’s homework when they get home.

Q: What are the attendance requirements for the after school program?
A: Our programs are state funded and have daily attendance requirements, therefore students are expected to attend everyday the after school program is open until the end of program – which is 6:00pm, except at specified sites. If children do not attend the after school program daily they run the risk of being dropped from the program in order to provide a space for a student who will attend daily.

Q: My child has to attend sports practice some days during the week, will this effect his ability to participate in the after school program?
A: Per Education Code 8483 (a) (1), our programs have an Early Release Policy. This policy lists allowable reasons for students to leave program before the release time. Please read the Early Release Policy and talk to the After School SiteCoordinator to see if your reasons for pulling the student out from program early are excusable under the policy.
Academies for Learning After School (A.L.A.S.)