Ravenswood City School District

Are you a Change Agent? Is this where you belong?
Ravenswood is a diverse team of passionate, innovative, and mission-driven people who are convinced that every student will be a contributing global citizen.  We're guiding all students to be successful through maximizing their potential.

If you're talented, energetic, and committed to delivering quality learning experiences and support services, you'll find Ravenswood is the perfect place to work.  You'll grow professionally and share your knowledge with your team.

Your work will be challenging and your performance will be recognized.  You'll be part of a team of dedicated professionals applying your talents to achieving shared goals and delivering results.  We're focused on the best learning outcomes for all of our students. 

Closing The Achievement Divide.
All students deserve a first class education.  Let's work together to close the achievement divide.

Want To Teach In an Innovative Environment? 
Our schools innovate through Reading & Writing Workshop and STEM integration. 

Our Students.
We view our students as leaders and part of our family.  Every adult at Ravenswood is integral to their leadership and academic development. 

Our Culture.
There are many things that Ravenswood does to show its employees they're valued.  The one value that stands out the most is our sense of family and accountability to each other, our students, and to our community. 

Our Benefits.
Professional development is offered year-round for everyone. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our Toni Stone, RCSD Director of Human Resources through email or (650) 329-2800, ext. 60114