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Special Education

Ravenswood City School District is committed to educating students with disabilities in a fully integrated collaborative model. Students with special needs are members of the general education classroom with support from special education staff.

Specialists work together in a collaborative team approach to individualize education services based on student need. Services may be provided through curricular modifications, behavioral interventions, and/or assistance with social skills. This support may be direct, indirect, and/or technical. Direct support involves assistance given to the student within the general education classroom; it includes co-teaching, teaming, modeling, or small group instruction. Indirect support occurs outside the classroom and is provided in order to coordinate the instructional program; it includes co-planning with the general education teacher, collaborative team meeting, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) preparation, and observations. Additionally this may include  creating curricular modifications, and technical support may be provided to schools or staff members for program development in moving students into Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).


Parent Guide to Special Education
“I think my child may need special help in school. What do I do?"
Special Education Services Team

Special Education Services Team

Jennifer Gravem
(650)329-2800 ext.60145
Yesenia Murillo
Administrative Secretary
(650)329-2800 ext.60143
Emma Miranda
SEIS Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60151
Fax: (650)327-8397
Christine Batten
Program Specialist
(650)329-2800 ext.60306
Anisha Agrawal
Program Specialist
(650)329-2800 ext.60157
Jeffrey Granada
Program Specialist
(650)329-2800 ext.60304
Claudia Conti
Program Specialist
(650)329-2800 ext.60305