Ravenswood City School District

First Day of School! - Interim Superintendent's Message to the Community

First Day of School! - Interim Superintendent's Message to the Communitytitle

Dear Families,

Ravenswood City School District is made up of over 2000 students.

Child Nutrition Education Workers will fill our students’ bellies but who is going to teach them grade level standards?

Teachers can teach them grade level standards but who is going to make sure they get to school when parents have to get to work before 7AM?

Bus drivers can get the students to school when parents are already at work but who is going to ensure students take care of one another and include other students during play at recess?

Campus Relations Coordinators are able to supervise students during play but who is going to make sure students receive their medication during the school day when they need special attention and care?

School Nurses can administer the medication but who is going to make sure parents are contacted when we notice students are going to receive an academic award at a student of the month assembly?

Administrative Assistants can call parents to invite them to a student of the month assembly but who is going to set the tone that all students deserve the best school experience?

A principal can set the tone where their staff is to ensure they share the same beliefs that all students can learn and deserve the best instruction but who is going to communicate to the greater community that Ravenswood will be an organization where colleagues are loyal to students, families and each other?
Who is going to ask all stakeholders to lean in to take risks, to work hard and to continue to improve our practice in order to implement rigorous, engaging and effective instructional programs, the justice, our children deserve?

I am!

I am because WE ARE, as ONE Ravenswood team.

As one Ravenswood, we know our students in Ravenswood are as capable as any student in East Palo Alto, in California, in the country. They may get written off by others, but we know they are the future leaders of their generation.

Our team chooses to work in Ravenswood because we love our students and community and we believe in them.

Our students deserve the very best teaching of any students in the country.  They deserve even better teaching than we may have received as students. Their future opportunity depends on us giving them the very best instruction we can offer.

We understand that if we want give our students the very best, we need to learn and grow and this is what I am going to ask the Ravenswood team to do this year. We will be voracious learners!  I want all Ravenswood to be the very best learners we can be this year.

I promise you that I will be in the learning with you. I am new in my role. I have a lot to learn to be the best superintendent I can be for Ravenswood community and students and I am committed to that learning. I learned a lot about how to be a principal but I know I had more to learn in that role too. I promise I will listen openly to your feedback. We want this community to treat each other with the respect we want for our students and that starts with me. I will work to bring that respect and care every day.   

Our students are the future leaders of their generation. The world needs their best and we know it is up to us to prepare them to lead. We will provide the best possible instruction to each and every student every day.


Gina Sudaria
Interim Superintendent
Ravenswood City School District