Ravenswood City School District

A Video Message from the Interim Superintendent

A Video Message from the Interim Superintendenttitle

Interim Superintendent's Message to the Community - April 8, 2019

Interim Superintendent's Message to the Community - April 8, 2019title

Dear Ravenswood,

I want to share how truly honored I am to serve as Ravenswood City School District’s Interim Superintendent. While filling in as the Acting Superintendent this past month has been a humbling experience, I have gained a greater understanding of our work and a deeper appreciation of our district’s potential. Please know that I am committed to moving the district forward and providing our students with a high-quality education and supportive learning experience.
During this interim period, and with guidance and direction from the Board of Trustees, my immediate goals are to ensure that:
  1. We remain student-centered and focused on our purpose. We are here for the children and to ensure their success. We must challenge ourselves every day to figure out how to reach every child. The children are depending on us!
  2. We remain fiscally solvent, not for just the next two years, but to set Ravenswood up for success, we need to focus on the next 5-10 years. Our budget statement should be transparent, and where we spend our money should clearly reflect our values and what we believe will make the greatest impact on student achievement and social emotional development.
  3. We continue to build the leadership capacity of our faculty and staff. We need to consider the strengths of our administrative team and empower them to courageously lead, inspire, and transform our instructional program and schools.
We will need all hands, heads, and hearts working together to accomplish both our current and future goals. With the brilliance, passion, and dedication our stakeholders possess, as one Ravenswood, we got this!


Gina Sudaria
Interim Superintendent
Ravenswood City School District