Ravenswood City School District

The Ravenswood City School District is grateful to potential donors of new and used computer equipment and software. However, we cannot accept equipment or software that is outdated, not in working condition, or that is not compatible with our network environment. Because of this, a set of minimum requirements has been defined to ensure that any donated equipment will meet the needs of our schools by providing the necessary tools to improve student achievement.
How to Donate

How to Donatetitle

If you would like to donate technology equipment to the Ravenswood City School District, please contact:
Solomon Hill
Director of Technology
(650) 329-2800 x60166 
Minimum Donation Requirements

Minimum Donation Requirementstitle

These requirements are updated periodically as the needs of our students, teachers and staff change.
The minimum standard for a desktop or laptop computer is as follows:
Intel i3 CPU or higher
4GB RAM or higher
100/1000 Network Interface Card
100 GB Hard Drive or SSD Drive
LCD or other flat-screen monitor (no CRTs)
Ability to run Windows 10 Professional or newer operating system
Macintosh computers must have an Intel i5 processor or newer. 
All printers, scanners, digital cameras, projectors and other peripherals must be no more than three years old and must be compatible with Windows 10 Pro and Windows 2012 Advanced Server. All peripherals must work and contain no broken or non-operational parts.