Ravenswood City School District

The Curriculum & Instruction team works to support all our students in achieving high academic success. 
El equipo de  Currículo e Instrucción trabaja para apoyar a nuestros estudiantes para que logren mayor exíto academico.  
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SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement)
The board-approved SPSA for each school site is available above.
SARC Information
School Accountability Report Cards -
Parents, a hard copy of the SARC will be provided upon request at your school site or at the district office.
​ Curriculum and Instruction Team

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Lorena Morales-Ellis
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
(650)329-2800 ext.60189
Lara Burenin
(650)329-2800 ext.60177
Lepaga Tito
Confidential Secretary
(650)329-2800 ext.60176
Erin Gonce Wakshlag
TK-8 ELA/ELD Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60163
Alejandro Quezada
TK/8 STEM Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60186
Nico Janik
K-8 Makerspace Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60174
Eric Edwards
Data & Assessment Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60190
Anne Contreras
Health & Wellness Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60148
Toni Stone
Compliance Coordinator
(650)329-2800 ext.60197
Graciela Cabrera
Migrant Parent Liaison
(650)329-2800 ext.60127
Erik "Chuck" Lazarus
Makerspace Vistas
(650)329-2800 ext.60178