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There are several departments in the school district dedicated to helping students succeed. The Business Services Department oversees the vital support systems of the schools: budget, accounting, finance, food services, transportation, maintenance, grounds, and facilities.

Our department works with the staff to organize and efficiently operate the support systems of a school district. We compare ourselves to worker ants of the anthill: working quietly in the background, technicians who never give up, never get frightened by any job, big or small, and look to make the system happen.

Hay varios departamentos en el Distrito Escolar dedicados a ayudar a que los estudiantes tengan éxito académico. El Departamento de Servicios Fiscales, supervisan los sistemas de apoyo vitales de las escuelas: presupuesto, contabilidad, finanzas, servicios alimenticios, transporte, mantenimiento, terrenos e instalaciones.  

Nuestro departamento trabaja con el personal para organizar y operar eficientemente los sistemas de apoyo del Distrito. Nos comparamos a las hormigas obreras de un hormiguero: trabajando silenciosamente en segundo plano, técnicos que nunca se rinden, que no le tienen miedo a ningun trabajo y logran que se lleve a cabo.
Business Services Team

Business Services Teamtitle

Steven J. Eichman
Chief Business Official (CBO)
(650) 329-2800 ext. 60101
Simon Lai
Accounts Analyst
(650) 329-2800 ext. 60107
Margaret Thompson
(650) 329-2800 ext. 60192
Mohammad Islam
Payroll - Certificated & Classified
(650) 329-2800 ext. 60106 
John Denos
Data Quality Support Technician
(650) 329-2800 ext. 60198

Fax: (650) 322-9454


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