Ravenswood City School District

*** NOTICE ***

Walkthrough for Ravenswood District RFP for Phase 3-4 Backup/Main Data Center  will still occur today at 1pm

Hello Prospective Vendor/Bidder:
Note that the Ravenswood City School District is still having its non-mandatory site walkthrough today, March 16, 2020 at 1pm at the District Office, 2120 Euclid Avenue, in Room 106.
In light of Sunday’s San Mateo County health officer order, we will need to limit the total number of attendees and take other cautionary measures to ensure all of our safety during the walkthrough. Specifically:
  • We will need to practice “social distancing” by maintaining 6 feet between ourselves during the walkthrough and initial presentation/gathering in Room 106.
  • Vendors, please limit the number of attendees to today’s walkthrough, preferably to only 1 or 2 of your team members. The room in which we are convening is relatively large, but if necessary we will limit the number of people from each team in the room.
  • We will need to rotate through the small server rooms a few participants at a time in order to maintain social distance.
  • We will have a bathroom sink nearby for participants to wash their hands, and hand sanitizer in the room.
  • Our custodial staff is cleaning the room by wiping it down with disinfectant this morning.
Note that any gathering poses a heightened risk of COVID-19 transmission, and older adults and individuals with existing health conditions are at particularly serious risk if they contract COVID-19 and should not attend.
The Ravenswood City School District is seeking qualified vendors from which to acquire network equipment, electrical, cabling and infrastructure services for our Ravenswood City School District Primary and Backup Data Centers, funded by district bond funds. Note we are issuing three related RFPs at this time.
The URL for the posted RFP and relevant information can be found at http://www.ravenswoodschools.org/rfps. Questions should be sent to rfps@ravenswoodschools.org.
All vendor proposals for this RFP are still due to the Ravenswood City School District by Monday, April 6, 2020 at 3:00PM PDT. Please refer to the RFP for full requirements, walkthrough information and vendor qualifications.
Thank you again for your interest in bidding.
Solomon Hill
Director of Technology
Ravenswood City School District