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Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum & Instruction department works to support all students in achieving high academic success. 


We consider the facts and skills we want children to learn (the "standards"), the tools we use to deliver it (the "curriculum"), the way we actually teach ("pedagogy"), and how we know whether kids are learning ("assessments").


Teacher Resources
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Compliance and Accountability

Provides information about the current District Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), School Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA), School Accountability Report Cards (SARC), and other relevant plans and documents. 



Students can learn and explore STEAM subjects through hands-on experiences


Curriculum and Instruction Team

Curriculum and Instruction Team

Lara Burenin
(650) 329-2800 ext.60177
Mary Trinkle
TK-5 Math Coach
(650) 329-2800
Eric Edwards
Data & Assessment Coordinator
(650) 329-2800 ext.60190
Nico Janik
STEM Specialist
(650) 329-2800 ext.60174
Alison Officer
Compliance Coordinator